1800® Seconds Curated by Pusha-T

This is 1800 Seconds. A compilation album featuring 10 new tracks from 10 rising artists. Curated by hip-hop legend Pusha-T, brought to life by 1800 Tequlia. 1800Seconds.com.

Pusha-T is relentless creator who demands greatness from his collaborators. So when he was given carte blanche to champion a new group of MCs, he sought out individuals with talent, authenticity and drive. The 10 artists include:

Ant White (Philadelphia PA)

Cartiel Count Up (Hampton, VA)

Don Zio P (Middletown, CT)

Hass Irv (Harlem, NY)

Monalyse (Detroit, MI)

Nita Jonez (Houston TX)

Sam Austins (Detroit, MI)

T Got Bank (Brooklyn, NY)

Trevor Lanier (Wilmington, NC)

Tyler Thomas (Los Angeles)

Each artist was flown to Los Angeles, California for an album session at iconic Westlake Studios, the onetime workspace of Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Frank Ocean. There, the rising artists connected with Pusha-T for a crash course in craftsmanship, selecting beats, bouncing song ideas and refining their writing with one of rap’s greats. The result is this groundbreaking compilation:

“The 1800 Seconds platform is a time for me to connect on an executive and mentor level and push the next generation of creatives in music forward. Making it in hip-hop is hard – the only things you can control are the creativity and yourself – and new artists on the rise will strive when they know who they are and what they want”

— Pusha-T talking about how he is helping to push culture forward through this new discovery platform.

Thank you for joining forces with us, Pusha-T, and for helping to elevate 10 artists to their biggest platform yet. More at 1800Seconds.com