Trabajo. Pasion. HONESTIDAD.

In 1800, we introduced the world to premium tequila and we’ve stayed true to our values for over 200 years.


Only through hard work, passion, and honesty did we earn our title as the best taste in tequila.

“Surprisingly dark in color, there’s a real Cognac character to this tequila, lush on the nose with notes of coffee, herb butter, and some raisiny fruit notes. The palate follows along in stride, showcasing a rolling sweetness, more dark fruit, some stewed prunes, and a thick layer of spice before finally revealing some of the agave-driven herbal elements underneath. The barrel dominates here, and that’s not a bad thing; many anejo tequilas can be over-sweetened to the point of being cloying, but 1800 Anejo threads the needle. A juicy orange character emerges with time in glass, adding complexity and depth.”

“1800 Añejo is aged in French oak for at least 14 months, making this the perfect sipping drink with vanilla and butterscotch notes.”

“1800 Tequila has been around for over 200 years, so you know they’ve put in the reps when it comes to the art of tequila making. Although we’re a sucker for their most recent release, 1800 Coconut, the true gem is their añejo – especially when it comes to pleasing whiskey-centric palates. Throw out the notion that tequila is only made for shooters and mixed drinks. Using 100 percent Weber blue agave piñas, harvested at their peak – anywhere from 8-12 years old – this añejo is aged in French oak barrels for a minimum of 14 months, resulting in a spirit that’s perfect for summertime sipping. The añejo has a spicy-sweet nose, with a rich flavor profile consisting of toasted oak and butterscotch. The lingering, spicy finish that will have you going in for more. You’re craving something outside your portfolio of whiskeys that still maintains a degree of oak and smoothness.”

“Long a standard-bearer in the wide world of agave, 1800 has produced world-class tequila from 100 percent agave since its namesake year. Añejo tequila must spend 12 months in oak barrels, and this spirit spends a minimum of 14 months in barrel, yielding toasty, complex notes that can hold up to everything from an after-dinner cigar to an assertive steak.”

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