Watch: Extremely Refined Lessons For The Modern Man

by the 1800® Team

Short, sharp and pulling no punches – these are Extremely Refined Lessons For The Modern Man.
The perfect level of refinement can be hard to find, but we’ve got you covered with the what’s what and what’s not. Learn how to keep it #JustRefinedEnough with our Refined Lessons – the definitive guide to the ways of the modern gentlemen who aim for a certain level of style and sophistication without losing their edge.
Refined Lesson No. 1 – ‘Tight’: Some things cannot be unseen.

Refined Lesson No. 2 – ‘Peacocking’: Everything is good in moderation.

Refined Lesson No. 3 – ‘V-Necks’: When you think you’ve seen it all.

Refined Lesson No. 4 – ‘Cologne’: From one friend to another.



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