These Are the Must-Follow Visionaries on IG

by the 1800® Team

Forgotten buildings, urban nightscapes, iconic landmarks. These are the things dreams are made of… at least ours. In August, we launched 1800® Visionaries, letting real local artists and photographers around the country take over our Instagram. We’ve been blown away by their creativity and vision. If you aren’t already following these guys, you should:


Known for his dark, clean shots of America’s biggest metropolis.


An autoworker and photography savant from the Motor City.


The LA-based master of capturing the beauty of urban sprawl.


The award-winning iPhone photographer from Chicago.


One of ATL’s best and brightest, whose collection was recently on display at Mason Fine Art Gallery.


From Las Vegas – able to effortlessly depict the neon-bathed energy of Sin City.


San Francisco’s up and coming chemist/photographer.


Originally from Chicago, this rising star in Phoenix, AZ, is a pro at photographing deserts and cities alike.

Be sure to check out our Instagram to see the latest Visionary— Brian Willette from Chicago, IL.


You have what it takes to be a Visionary? Show us what you got by tagging your best shots with #1800Visionaries


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