Adam Lucas & Nicky Diamonds x 1800 Tequila Collaboration @ ComplexCon 2018

by the 1800® Team

This year at ComplexCon, the 1800® Tequila bar, custom designed by the talented Adam Lucas, marked the entrance to the Art Experience.

A constant flow of people rolled through — including DJ Mustard, Wayno and Hebru Brantley — stopping to sip on a cocktail and enjoy the lounge area, complete with a DJ spinning the latest and greatest. Some guests even took their cocktails to-go, sipping as they walked around and explored each incredible exhibit.



In addition to the bar, this year we also collaborated with artist Adam Lucas and fashion designer Nicky Diamonds. These two talented individuals came together to create an incredible collection of one-of-a-kind denim jackets, plus pins and patches. The jackets, sourced from various vintage stores, boasted the words ‘Tequila over Tears’ on the back, as well as the 1800® Tequila logo.


Attendees were eligible to win one of the coveted jackets by getting their hands on a scratch-off card at the bar. Every lucky winner got to customize their jacket with the team in real-time, selecting which designed patches and pins they wanted to adorn their jacket, where they wanted to place them, and what they wanted their personalized embroidery to say.


The jackets were very popular and, over the weekend, people were constantly approaching the customizing area asking how they could get their hands on one. The good news is, there is still a chance to win! Anyone, 21+ only, can text “1800” to 55755 to get their name in the running to win a jacket of their own!



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