1800® Cristalino tequila bottle with fall back drop

Reimagine Tradition Through the Spirit of Elevated Tequila

Día de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday observed on November 1st and 2nd, is a time for individuals to commemorate the departed and cherish their memory. Grounded in tradition, culture, and spiritual beliefs, this celebration holds profound significance. This year, in collaboration with M.A Estudio, we've crafted a 1800 Ofrenda that honors both life and death, all the while paying tribute to elevated taste.

1800 Cristalino as the Perfect Centerpiece

1800 Cristalino takes center stage at the top of our 1800 Ofrenda. This ultra-clear tequila elevates life’s special moments. The bottle's design draws inspiration from Mayan pyramids and Mexican heritage, symbolizing a deep connection to our roots. It is also believed that the taste of tequila attracts and guides the spirits. On other levels of our ofrenda, we placed a mix of traditional and unique pieces: marigolds, fruits, pan de muerto, salt for purification, candles for illumination, and water for quenching thirst. Additionally, clay and wood pieces, crystal balls, and stone skulls pay homage to traditional Mexican craftsmanship.

1800® Cristalino bottle + M.A Estudio

An 1800 Ofrenda Built to Honor Taste & Heritage

M.A Estudio is a Mexico City-based collaborative art studio wholly committed to preserving traditions by making home décor pieces inspired by Mexican artisans. Together, with their founder and artist Melissa Avila, we created the altar using thoughtfully selected pieces to lead our loved ones back to the land of the living. Each item placed on our ofrenda helps us connect with our ancestors through the flavors they loved and the personal taste they lived by. You can learn more about M.A Estudio’s work here.

Marigold margarita made with 1800® Critsalino close up shot

Elevate Your Celebrations with Marigold Margarita

Día de los Muertos isn’t complete without marigolds, or cempasúchil, as they are commonly known in Mexico. That’s why Marigold Margarita is the most fitting cocktail for a celebratory salud. With its fragrant scent and vibrant color, this 1800 Cristalino cocktail will bring tradition to your celebrations. See the full recipe here.

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