Essential 1800® Artists Series 9 Launch With Shantell Martin

This year, for our Essential Artists Series 9, 1800® partnered with the incredibly talented Shantell Martin and launched the collaboration earlier this week in New York City. Martin is well-known for her signature black-and-white drawings that have featured on sneakers, walls, clothing and now bottles.

At our launch event, Martin treated the audience of art, fashion and culture insiders to a live art show, taking a marker to plexiglass and creating a completely unique, original piece.

As she was drawing, she commented: “When you draw live, you put yourself in this really intimidating situation where you’re really vulnerable, and in that situation, you don’t have any time to be anyone else but yourself, and it really keeps you honest. I don’t really like drawing live, but I use it as a mechanism for me to be my most honest artist self.”

Honesty and identity are repeated themes throughout much of Martin’s work. This is reflected in her 1800® bottle designs which feature titles such as ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Be Honest’.

All in all, the night was a great success! The crowd was enthralled by Martin’s live art and commentary, enjoyed the 1800® open bar and admired the striking 1800® x Shantell Martin bottles displayed in the space.

Learn more about Shantell Martin here and learn more about the Essential 1800® Artists Series here.

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