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Chris Dean

Chris Dean's synthesis of offbeat imagery and stereoscopic process have brought the nostalgic medium of lenticular pictures to a new level of artistry. The 40 year old Detroit native began working with stereo images during his time at San Jose State University in the 1990s and sees a future of artistic opportunity for those working with related technologies.

Humor is seen as a force for good in Dean's work, which often reveals itself through the user interaction required by lenticular imagery. The odd historical context of lenticular work is embraced by Dean who often references popular culture himself. "While not underselling meaning, I consider fun to be a primary concern," states Dean.

Dean currently lives in the small community of Ferndale, north of Detroit, with his wife Heather and children Jasper and Otto.

Artist: Chris Dean
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Chris Dean | 1800 Tequila Essential Artists